Saturday, 14 January 2017

5 Tips On Making It Easier For Employees to Relocate During a Corporate Move

Moving a house is already a daunting task, so moving acorporate business can be mind-boggling. Especially when it comes to having to move all of your employees with you. At best they will feel apprehensive, and at worse they will resent you for it. However, there are ways that can help make the transition from one city to another seamless, and help lighten the burden on your employees. In this article we'll give you 5 tips that will result in happier employees and help ensure a healthier bottom line.

Tip #1: Equip your employees for the new city

This means, make it as simple as possible for your employees to find their way around their new environment. For example, let them know where the best neighborhoods for families are, or for young professionals. Inform them what the climate is like. Or, if your company can afford it, send them on a pilot trip so they can see for themselves and start to explore new neighborhoods, the new office, and their new city. Plus, you can get your legal team or HR to put together information that will help your employees keep track of their expenses to help with the parts of the move that are tax-deductible.

Tip #2: Be honest and concise about your relocation policy and/or package

Inform your employees how you plan to compensate them for the relocation. Let them know how much of the move you're going to cover and if you plan on finding them new housing. Communication during this time is crucial for building trust and a strong work environment. Also, create a space for employees to ask questions and address concerns they may have before moving.

Tip #3: Assist your employees by helping to take care of the essentials before the move

The last thing you want is to have employees that are distracted from their work. So, enlist your HR team to help provide assistance, so your employees can keep their attention focused on work. For example, your HR team can help with tedious tasks such as setting up bank accounts, transferring health insurance, gathering information on requirements for car registrations, drivers license changes, and even registering kids for school.

Tip #4: Help your employees find temporary housing

Unless you plan on offering housing as part of your relocation package, assist your employees by helping to identify options for temporary housing when they arrive. Whether it's helping them locate a long-term hotel suite or setting them up with a fully furnished rental house, don't leave your employees in a new city without any form of housing. You can go a step further by assisting employees who have children to locate different school options, to help make their move into a new school more efficient.

Tip #5: Hire a high quality and reputable moving company
Even with all your other efforts, at the end of the day, hiring a professional and reputable moving company can help put everyone's mind at ease. A reputable company will use quality workers and packaging supplies to ensure all the equipment and files will get to new location in a safe and organized fashion. Also, help your employees book their move through the same reputable moving company that you are using to move your office. This will just help them feel like you care and value them the way you value your company. After all, they are what make your business go round.

 While moving your corporation can be stressful, you can lighten the burden by following these 5 tips. Essentially, what it boils down to is making sure that your employees know they are valued and will be well taken care of. Plus, by using quality movers and packaging supplies you can ensure your employees that they will not only be taken care of themselves, but all of the work they've done for you will also be safe. Happy moving!

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